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A Sweet Solution to Controlling Your Cravings

January 18, 20242 min read

Cravings – we've all experienced them. Whether it's the sudden urge for a sweet treat or the desire for a salty snack, managing these cravings can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. We'll explore the powerful connection between glucose management and the reduction of cravings. Spoiler alert: it's not just about having willpower and saying no to your favorite snacks; it's about finding a sweet spot for your blood sugar levels.

Cravings often arise from fluctuations in blood sugar levels. When we consume high-sugar or processed foods, our blood sugar levels spike, providing a quick burst of energy. Unfortunately, on the other side of this energy burst, is often a crash, leaving us feeling tired and craving another sugar fix to regain that lost energy. Minimizing these crashes can make it much easier to listen to your body and manage your cravings.

Here are some tips to manage your cravings:

  1. Incorporate vinegar into your diet: Studies show that incorporating vinegar in your diet can drastically slow down your body’s absorption of glucose. Before you eat a meal that is high in carbohydrates, drink a glass of water mixed with a spoon of apple cider vinegar. Or if you are starting your meal with a salad, opt for a vinegar-based dressing to help your glucose management.

  2. Be sure your meals are full of fiber, protein, and high-quality fats: Making meals that are balanced in fiber, protein, and high-quality fats will ensure your body does not experience large spikes and crashes. Focus on what you can add to your favorite meals. If you love pasta, rather than eliminating pasta from your diet completely, try adding a side salad and grilled chicken to round out your meal.

  3. Break free from a restrictive mentality: Instead of depriving yourself from your favorite foods, find “glucose-friendly” ways to incorporate them into your meals. Try substituting your favorite dessert with a low-carb alternative. Itching to have your favorite chips? Throw some chips on a plate with a side of carrots and hummus. Adding carrots and hummus to your snack will add protein and fiber which will reduce the spike you experience from eating chips alone. Are you hankering for a slice of chocolate cake? If you save your slice of cake for dessert and take a walk after your meal, your glucose spike will be much lower than if you had eaten cake by itself. Finding ways to enjoy your favorite foods without restriction will leave you feeling satiated and likely reduce your cravings.  

Managing your glucose levels isn't just about maintaining physical health; it's a strategic tool in conquering cravings and achieving dietary balance. By embracing a lifestyle that prioritizes stable blood sugar levels, you can regain control over your cravings and make choices that align with your overall well-being. The sweet solution is within reach – it's time to balance your blood sugar and conquer those cravings for good!

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